Information Use Rights

Version 001/2020 updated in 06/26/2020

By using MyPast´s websites, platform and web tools, you declare to agree to the conditions of use established below. If you do not agree with any condition, do not use this website. MyPast reserves the right to change any part of this document in case of changes in company policy or legislation, so please review this ‘Term’ periodically. Using this site, you declare that you have a legitimate interest in the content and expressly accept any changes that may occur. When finding the word website, it should be understood that we are referring to the MyPast website, platform or web tools.

1. Licenses

This website, dedicated to the research, study and organization of genealogical materials, is owned by MyPast, a private company, headquartered in Recife/PE, Brazil. All material found here (including visual materials, texts, icons, exhibitions, databases, media, products, services and information) is of exclusive property of MyPast, and its reproduction, dissemination and use without proper permission is prohibited.

Unless otherwise indicated, you may view, download and print the materials on this site only for personal, non-commercial use or for use as a voluntary indexer related to the MyPast indexing program, in accordance with the conditions set out in that ' Term ', as well as in the Privacy Policy.

It is prohibited to reproduce any material from this website anywhere else, whether on a third party website, social network or public or private computer network without the written permission of MyPast's legal representatives. The transmission, propagation and distribution of the materials on this website is also prohibited without the mentioned authorization. The use of both this website and the information contained therein (including the names and addresses of those who provided us with data) for the sale or promotion of products or services, recruiting customers or any other purpose for commercial purposes is prohibited.

People are allowed to use this website to search and organize genealogical information and provide documents for personal and non-commercial use. It is also prohibited to trade or close deals, promote yourself or receive payments through this website.

Any other use of the information or materials on this website, including any use by organizations or legal entities, is not permitted without the written authorization from MyPast legal representatives. MyPast reserves the right, at any time and without justification, to deny, revoke or limit the use of this website, as well as to deny the use of any material, image, text, icons, exhibitions, databases, media, products, services and company-owned information.

MyPast values the faithful compliance with the laws of the country in which the User is using this website. In this way, MyPast encourages all Users to use this website wisely and in accordance with the purposes of the company: research, study and organization of genealogical materials. The User is credited with any and all responsibility for the misuse of the material on this site.

2. Use of copyrights and trademarks

If you are interested in obtaining authorization to use any MyPast material, please contact us through these means:



MyPast International
Empresarial Blue Tower
Av. Eng. Domingos Ferreira, 4060 s 1002
Boa Viagem - Recife/PE – Brazil
CEP 51.021-040

Note: MyPast reserves the right to reply within 15 days your request. In some occasions, depending on the request and the type of material required, MyPast will contact you in order to obtain more time to attend your demanding.

3. Registration

By using this website, you represent that: (1) you agree and accept all points of this "Term" and (2) you are legally able to register (if necessary) to use this website. If you submit personal information to this website, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about it (during the registration process) and to keep that information up to date in your respect. If you provide false, inaccurate, inappropriate or defamatory information or images, your account may be suspended or canceled. During registration, you can create a username and password. Your password is personal. Therefore, you will be responsible for your username and password, in addition to being solely responsible for all activities performed using your username and password.

Don't reveal your password to anyone else.

4. Licenses and rights granted to My Past

MyPast requires your permission to use your information to achieve its objective and purpose of study and genealogical research. So, when you are submitting information to this website, you are granting us an unrestricted, fully paid, royalty-free, worldwide and perpetual license to use any and all information, content and other materials you send or otherwise provide (including and not limited to, genealogical information, images, texts, documents, materials, recordings, debates, information and data related to living and deceased people or anything else) for any and all purposes, ways and forms of media that we, at our discretion , we consider appropriate for the fulfillment of our mission to promote research and genealogical study, always respecting their intimacy, privacy and image. In this license, we have the permission to copy, publicly display, broadcast, transmit, execute, distribute and use (and allow others to use) any material or information brought by you worldwide, by any means we consider appropriate (electronically) or otherwise, including on the internet). By continuing to use our site, you are agreeing, as part of this license, that MyPast will have the right to create (and allow others to create) and use materials derived from your contribution or information related to any material or research produced by you, combining or modifying all or part of it. We emphasize that all information and registered materials will have an specific destination: the research and genealogical study and the provisions of items 1, 2 and 3 of the Privacy Policy.

You also agree that by submitting any material or making any contribution to our website through our tools, you will be granting us an unrestricted, worldwide, perpetual, fully paid and royalty-free license to use your image, in the manner that better serve the purpose of our website, as well as to relate to a post or any material sent by you.

5. Sharing content

When you enroll, you are aware that the main purpose of this website, besides to the research, study and organization of genealogical materials, is to allow collaboration between all users in the expansion of their databases and genealogical knowledge. You are aware that we may use your contributions: materials, information and other content for the purpose of collaborating and sharing with other users and organizations (including commercial genealogical organizations). You are unique responsible for issuing information and for its authentic, therefore, following the points of this 'Term', you are aware that the collaboration between many people and organizations allows us to obtain additional information that can be provided to users of this website, so allowing everyone to find and expand their own ancestral lineages.

Every User must provide accurate information about their ancestors and descendants. MyPast will, in due time, be able to establish viewing modes as follows: pedigree charts, horizontal viewing mode, fan charts and other viewing modes and charts.

6. Sharing material

This website has resources for debates, making it possible for Users to bring their opinions and contribute their own material to enrich everyone. We reserve the right to reuse information from debates and other publications provided for the benefit of other Users. It won't be tolerated:

  • Prejudice or discrimination of any kind;
  • Disclosure of sensitive data of people, even if deceased;
  • Disclosure of information that creates embarrassment;
  • Sharing of pornographic material;
  • Sharing of illicit material;
  • Abusive, offensive or threatening language.

In case of any disagreement regarding to facts related to the deceased person, which are resolved using primary sources, always use the best form of communication and personal interaction. It is forbidden to share external links that contain material that differs from the purpose of research, study and organization of genealogical materials. MyPast has the right to edit, delete publications or shared materials if they are not in accordance with the guidelines.

7. Downloading programs

If My Past provides a particular program or application to download, you may use it only as indicated in the license agreement.

8. Copyright of submitted materials

Any material or information sent by you to this website is under this ‘Term’. You declare and guarantee that you will not submit any content to this site that violates the rights of third parties (including, but not limited to, copyright, privacy rights, publicity rights, contractual rights or other proprietary rights). Therefore, any content and material sent or shared by you will be your entire legal responsibility. By submitting materials to this site, you are stating that you have the legal right to do so, granting us the rights and licenses set out in this ‘Term’ and the Privacy Policy.

9. Website Conduct

You agree that you will not, individually or as part of any collective effort, send or post information on this website that could be considered harmful or offensive to other Users, neither will you pretend to be someone else to hide your real identification, much less encourage another person to do the same. You agree not to extract, collect or use any information from this website with the intention of harming, discrediting, harassing any person or entity. You agree that you will not do anything that may interrupt the normal acess of this website, that will not influence the service or performance of this website, and will not attempt to change or modify any of the controls or usage rules that we have implemented. You understand that the result of harmful or offensive actions, or any other violation of this ‘Term’ may result in the cancellation of your registration. Any violation of the points set out in this Term may lead you to a legal action.

10. Data sent

MyPast always seeks to provide the best genealogical research material, and to preserve the integrity and quality of the materials and contributions that you bring to the website. However, by using this website, you agree that MyPast will not be responsible for any faults or omissions in any material that may be found, neither for the loss, damage or corruption of materials shared by you. In order to serve you, this website may contain links to other partner sites. We would like to point out that any links from other sites shared on our domain are not maintained or controlled by MyPast. Therefore, MyPast states that it is not responsible for its content. If any material, content, information that is not appropriate is found, please inform us immediately by email

11. Data protection

By using this website and sending us your personal information, you agree to the processing of data in Brazil. You also agree to follow all applicable laws regarding the transmission and sharing of personal data from the country in which you live. Check our Privacy Policy guidelines.

12. Law enforcement

The exposed terms were governed by The Brazil and the EU´s legislation, in relation to the treatment and sharing of data. Any and all actions that you may take against MyPast will be judged in Brazilian courts. So, you accept the jurisdiction of the Brazilian courts when you agree with the points set out in this Term, regardless your location.

You also agree that, before taking any legal action against MyPast, you will first try to resolve the any dispute through an agreement with our legal department.

13. Responsibility

MyPast will not be responsible for any special or consequential damages resulting from your misuse or your inability to use the website.

14. Responsibility for the website and material

MyPast sets out its commitment to the correct use, storage, collection, transmission, use, and dissemination of materials in accordance to the Brazilian legislation. The materials disclosed herein are provided in the forms that are and without any expressed or implied warranties. MyPast, once again, affirms its commitment to always provide the best in protection and material for the Users, but does not guarantee that any functions of this website will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected perfectly, or that this website or the servers that keep it in functioning are free from any attack of any kind.

15. Questions

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at