Privacy Policy

Version 001/2020 updated in 06/26/2020

This Privacy Policy informs the way your personal data is collected, stored and processed by MyPast. When using the terms 'we' or 'company', we must understand that we are referring to MyPast. When the term ‘partners’ is used, it must be understood that they are companies or professionals duly hired and that meet the data protection requirements provided for the current law.

1. Control of your Personal Information

The collection, storage, control and treatment of your personal data are performed by the MyPast team. The process of sharing your data remains under the protection and guard of the company to be used only in your benefit.

2. What kind of information will be collected and what do we use it for?

The information collected is what we consider necessary to serve the legitimate business interests of the company. The collected data can be provided voluntarily or automatically when browsing the resources of our website, platform or web tools with your internet browser. We may also register or obtain personal data through partners. Obtaining personal information and data can occur automatically or not, through company or partner initiatives.

a) Information used internally

We will use the information you send through surveys, registrations, subscriptions, emails, discussions or comments sent to the forum, blog or through any other resource or tool, even through partners.

b) Information collected when you use our site

In order to provide better resources and experience in the use of our website, platform or web tools, we inform you that we use cookies, which contain data on the use of the internet by the user. We may collect information that your browser sends whenever you access a website. This information may include, and is not limited to, your IP address, browser type, operating system, preferred language, web pages you previously accessed, information you searched using our resources, and other information.

c) To establish a communication

Sending support information and updates, communication between platform users, news about new products and marketing actions. You can, at any time, modify or cancel without justification “the communications and notices” sent by the company. You can also cancel your registration on our platform. For any of the options, access your account settings and make the changes you want.

d) For commercial means

With the intention of improving the experience or the interface and developing new reports and resources, tools, products and services, to perform analysis of internal data and how the website is used, with the sole objective of improving the customer experience or evaluating the result of our promotional campaigns. Such information will always be anonymized.

3. Data Sharing

MyPast adopts the following guidelines about information sharing:

  • Your personal information will never be delivered or provided for free, sold, licensed or shared in any way without your consent, except when required by law and / or court decisions;
  • We may only share your personal information with your consent in the following situations: (1) with service providers and other partners who meet the legal requirements for data protection and under the protection of suitable contracts; (3) To protect our rights or our property from other users; (4) to apply our terms and conditions or our Privacy Policy.

4. Places to store your information:

MyPast may store your personal data on its own servers or in cloud storage inside or outside of Brazil. In order to guarantee the protection of your data, we use appropriate technology and maintain contracts with suppliers prepared to guarantee the security in the transmission and maintenance of the stored information. All the mentioned means are related to the standards of the data protection legislation according to the protection and data storage.

5. Security of your data:

We adopted some measures, such as physical, technical and administrative protection to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration or disclosure of the personal information of users of our platform. MyPast constantly reviews its administrative processes and technologies, including encryption, to ensure that the best is being used to protect the privacy of personal data and other information. As we cannot guarantee total security on the internet, we recommend caution in submitting your personal information in any digital environment. The way you use your devices on the internet and what local security features you maintain can significantly affect the level of exposure of your data online. We highly recommend that you use antivirus and firewall system. For featured information on how to keep your device safe on the internet, it is recommended to seek the advice of a specialized professional.

6. Your control over data

You have the guarantee and the possibility of sharing personal and genealogical information in various ways. It is your total choice and responsibility:

  • Decide with whom you share the editing of your personal and genealogical information on the platform, including information from direct family members or other members;
  • Give or refuse consent to others to carry out genealogical research through research on your family tree on the platform, even if they do not have access to edit the information;
  • Manage the use of cookies through your browser settings, among other security and privacy measures that are out of MyPast's reach.

7. Permission to use the services

By accessing MyPast websites, platforms or web tools, you agree to all terms of this privacy policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this privacy policy, we ask you do not access our website and do not use our platform, we even recommend that you delete your account.

The use of this website, platform or web tools, after any changes to our Privacy Policy, will indicate your consent to the changes. Periodically review these policies in order to review points and update.

8. About our services

Our website, platform and web tools can be accessed from anywhere in the world and is intended for historical and genealogical research, allowing our users to search and organize their information and also benefit from other genealogical information from other users, forming a community with the same basic goals.

Our website, platform and web tools can be accessed from anywhere in the world and its main goal is related to historical and genealogical research, allowing our users to search and organize their information and also benefit from other genealogical information from other users, forming a community with the same basic goals.

9. Others information included by users

When setting up a family tree, you decide what information to include. Adding information from living people requires the user to obtain prior consent. Before adding living relatives under the legal age of majority in your country, you must obtain the consent of your parents or legal guardian.

Records of direct family members or deceased collateral will be listed in the search tools of MyPast and its partners' website, platform and web tools. Although these records can be found, only you and the users you allow will be able to make changes.

Information from living people in the users' family tree will not appear in the search results of the MyPast website, platform and web tools and its partners, but the user who includes this information can share all of it with specific users of their choice, assuming before the law and any responsibility in the leakage and use of this data. We advise against sharing information from living people with any user of our website, platform or web tools.

The personal information that you and other users enter, is stored only for the purpose of assisting the organization through graphics and other tools to support the researcher, in addition to other functions related to the genealogy and administration research process of MyPast and its partners. For detailed information, review this set of policies, in particular items 1, 2 and 3.

10. What do we collect?

We collect only information that we believe is necessary to provide services to the user. They are:

a) Contact and payment information: we may request or collect your name, gender, postal or e-mail address, date of birth, telephone, bank or credit card details.

b) Family tree information: we may collect information you add related to your direct or collateral relatives, including name, gender, relationship, dates and places of life events, immigration data, and others according to existing fields on the website, platform or tools web. You can also store photos, audio, video and multimedia files, scanned documents and other information that may appear in the observation fields. Never record personal document numbers, social security, sensitive information or that expose people in any way, including you and deceased people.

c) Information from public or private historical records: we collect, index and transcribe civil and ecclesiastical records, civil identification records, censuses records, immigration lists, inventories, newspapers and other periodicals, military, school records, passenger lists and other indexes and record types. Some of these records may contain information about you and other living people, but we do not disclose sensitive data and these obtained digital copies of the records is governed by contracts with the original holders. Note that: All information will be stored in the MyPast database. These databases can offer a different level of protection for personal information than those existing in your country. By providing us with your personal information, you specifically consent to the transfer and processing of that information and its storage in our databases. We take several measures to ensure that your information is in a safe environment and free from any illegal act. However, MyPast states that it cannot be held responsible due to any incident that is beyond its control or ability, since it employs commercially reasonable efforts to provide high safety standards. Consent in the use of data from living people is always necessary. When passing materials, information and data from living people to MyPast through the website, platform or web tools, we will understand that you have their permission. MyPast will not be responsible for the misuse of third party information brought by users, since MyPast provides only the tools for you and other users to include genealogical information, and the company is responsible for applying data protection policies. If you become aware of something that violates your country's data protection law, contact . By using our website, platform or web tools you agree to this Privacy Policy and grant MyPast and its partners an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to use, grant, arrange, transmit, your relatives information to partner sites for the purpose of genealogical research and study. The purpose of this measure is to provide you with a larger and wider chain of possibilities and information in favor of your genealogical research. Once again, we point out that you must ensure that you have the proper authorization to include information from living people on our website, platform or web tools. If the person is a minor under the law of your country, you declare that you have obtained the written consent of the parent or legal guardian.

d) Your opinions and comments: if you participate in discussions on our forums, post comments on our blogs or on our social networks, we may capture and use this information.

e) While you use our website, platform or web tools: we use and collect cookies and store your IP address. This helps us to improve traceability, detect attempts to illicit use of our services, gather demographic information, habits in the use of our services, among others.

f) Your interactions: communications with other users through our platform, as well as the information you provide to MyPast teams and their partners, through groups, profiles, pages on social networks, streaming.

g) Account authentication services by third parties: you can link a Facebook or Google account to your account on our website, platform or web tools for authentication. This will allow you to use your credentials from another platform or service to create an account or log in without having to enter details manually. If you choose to do so, we will collect and use the data you maintain on that platform or service.

h) To offer the service: we use your personal information primarily to communicate new features and offers from MyPast and its partners. We also use your information for customer service. Important: If you reside outside of Brazil and provide us with your personal information, you acknowledge and accept the transfer and processing of personal information in Brazil. MyPast and its partners will apply appropriate measures to ensure that transfers of personal information are made in accordance with applicable law, taking care of management to protect your interests and rights in relation to privacy. Likewise, transfers are limited to countries recognized for providing an adequate level of legal protection. You have the right to contact us for further information.

i) We also collect personal information, if necessary, to process payments on our website, platform or web tools. These data are all encrypted and processed with the technologies existing in payment processing platforms of banking institutions and credit card operators.

j) For commercial activities aimed at improving and developing new products: we can use your personal information for internal data analysis, studying how our products are used, identifying trends and determining the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.

11. Data Retention

We store your personal information for as long as necessary to provide our services. We may keep your email address and other information due to certain legal and judicial obligations.

12. Users' rights related to data protection law

At any time, you can access, review or delete your personal information without justification or interference from third parties. To do so, simply access the website, platform or web tools using your username and password and make the desired change to your profile settings. In unusual cases not specified in this Privacy Policy, MyPast or its partners may request a more rigorous verification process.

Besides to the items above, the user is guaranteed the right to (1) oppose the processing of data that has our legitimate interests as a legal basis; (2) obtaining a copy of the personal information processed based on your consent; (3) the right to request details about data security in connection with sharing information outside the geographic area in which you reside; (4) the right to request and delete data found in our databases.

13. Reach us anytime.

If you have any questions about privacy, you can contact our support team ( or the Data Protection Officer (

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