Why are we talking about inclusion here?

“Bad men need nothing more to achieve their goals than men good to look and do nothing ”. Although coined in 1867, this quote from the philosopher and British economist John Stuart Mill is frighteningly current.

In a world as politically polarized as the one we inhabit today, where any attempt to positioning is subject to hostile retaliation, the position of neutrality, of exemption, is seductive.Therefore, many who are in a position to reach out for help end up choosing to preserve themselves, and many who need this helping hand end up helpless, forgotten and, finally, oppressed.

Taking care of yourself and your loved ones is not wrong, but we can do more. We can take care of others and create bonds as strong and meaningful as family ties.

The world is full of the most diverse inequalities. Undisputed social and economic distortions resulting from historical errors that were never properly repaired. You need to move up the pointer of equity, and we see this as a shared responsibility. We will do our part.

MyPast is a private company, for profit and growth ambitions. Our mission is to connect people through genealogical research and family history. Saving the world is not stuck in cornerstones of the company, but that does not take us out of a privileged position.

Side by side with our business goals is a moral imperative: to be inclusive with minorized populations. This text is a commitment that in our selection processes, in our internal policies, in our communication and, mainly, in dealing with people we will have diversity and inclusion as fundamental guidelines.

We don't know everything, the path will be full of challenges and we will make mistakes, but MyPast will work hard to contribute to creating a more just world. We are constantly working together with professionals specialized in inclusion policies so that, increasingly, we can apply our resources to those who most need an opportunity.