We are passionate about families and their stories

We are a Brazilian startup that believes in family ties. The thrill of discovery is what motivates us.

So, we travel the world in search of the missing record in your research, we develop new solutions and we are always looking to the future in search of the fascinating past.

Here, you will know who your ancestors were, where they lived, what they worked for and what their dreams and challenges were. A new perspective on your own life is about to begin.Through the remotest corners of the globe, from where they left and where they lived, the traces of this great family adventure are here.

Today's technology allows us to read these steps written in every cell in your DNA. Using the familiar MyPast DNA approaches, the route is mapped and you can centralize your searches more efficiently than ever before.

The logs you've been waiting for are also here. Thousands of exclusive collections feed our servers every day, with our indexing program you speed up the search and get closer to each day of this meeting.

What has been done so far